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Will you help us save people
from extreme poverty?

It only takes $1.50 a day ($45.00/month) for you to provide
food, medicine, clothing, access to shelter, a chance for education,
and other basic humanitarian needs to a person living
in extreme poverty.

100% of your charitable gift will go to your beneficiary – exclusively.


We are deeply committed to directly connecting you with your fully vetted beneficiary – in a meaningful way – through our Virtual Meeting at no extra cost to you.

Beyond that, we are also committed to directly giving 100% of your donation solely to your beneficiary.
This is made possible by the Buy Forward companies, Civicom and TeamSpan. Their donations cover our operating costs which allow us to give your whole gift to your beneficiary. 

At Feathers Project, we will also let you watch your own inspiring ‘feather‘ story unfold, through our quarterly beneficiary impact report.



There’s a story behind each feather.

Watch the feather stories of the people we’ve helped so far.

The majority of the world’s poorest have disabilities. Watch Topher’s story, an inspiring ice cream vendor with a disability.


(Topher, Philippines)

For some, the cemetery is their only known
shelter due to poverty. Watch Lando’s story,
an abandoned homeless elder living in the cemetery.

(Lando, Philippines)